Puppies ready to go home!! 1 females available, but going quick.

20 years of experience breeding FAMILY German Shepherds. Our dogs are bred and raised by our family for your family. We focus on ensuring the best genetics and temperament in selecting our dogs.

Since 2003 we have had over 30 litters. After a hiatus (due to family reasons) we are back to breeding high-quality GSD’s!!!

We do not breed high drive aggressive dogs like you see in military movies. As a veteran (who spent time in Germany) I believe these dogs provide an invaluable service to our great nation. But in almost all cases are not the best dogs for the average family.

Puppies available to go home !!

Both parents have passed OFA – hips and elbows. All puppies come with a health warranty. 1 Females available at $950.

Our mission for almost twenty years is to breed the perfect German Shepherd for the family. We named our kennel Truelove because there is no truer love than the love of a dog…especially a German Shepherd.

Our focus is on health and temperament. We do not breed high drive/aggressive dogs that would be used in military/police applications.
Elizabeth with our beloved Major.


Since people do not buy puppies everyday. Our philosophy is to educate potential buyers in the process, even if you do not buy from us. There is a lot of information on our “Buyers Guide Page”

Current Puppies Available to Go Home. As puppies gets older, their colors will lighten up. These puppies should look more like their mom.


Ready to become part of your family!!

Female 3 – “White toes”

Black and tan with hints of red. The red may disappear as she gets older. She has “white toes” on her back feet. She was the first puppy to use the doggie door. She has done very well with not going to the bathroom while inside. Perfect temperament, full of personality and very outgoing; without being overly hyper.

FYI – When GSD are born, they are born solid black and lighten up over time.

Happy Customers

Several customers have told us our puppies live 13+ years.

We LOVE hearing from customers and seeing our babies grow up and become part of their families!!

“This is our princess Ziva (daughter of Sasha and Jack).  She is 10 years old and she has enjoyed a happy and healthy life.From the first moment when we met Ed and his family we felt the connection and that Ed knows about the breed and really care about the future of the German Shepherd breed. If you are looking for a responsible and knowledgeable breeder don’t look any further… Ed is your guy.”

Gibbs was a very tall, slender 125 pound sweetheart!  We loved him and cherished every day with him. His temperament was extraordinary and we could take him anywhere and never worry about behavior. He loved kids and always patiently let them pet him. 

Thank you for providing us with a dream of a GSD. 

“Starlight and I enjoyed almost 10 years of companionship. She loved going for walks, enjoying some time on the deck or front porch taking in the sounds and smells, or just relaxing in the house. Cookies from the Three Dog Bakery were a favorite treat.

Starlight was intelligent, trainable, and had a good temperament. We went to puppy classes, then worked with an individual trainer to improve her focus with distractions.

Starlight was healthy except for the sensitive stomach issues that all my shepherds have had (I am currently raising my 5th German Shepherd).  She did not develop the joint problems that are common in German Shepherds.

I would recommend a puppy from Truelove German Shepherds.”

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German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies